A journey through Iceland reveals natural, primordial materials: hand-spun wool, horsehair, horn, reindeer antler, lava stone and driftwood. Hand- crafted objects- each unique in the world- are made-to-order by Iceland's foremost artists and artisans. Starkness, restraint and strength of design reflect the stunning raw landscapes of the country- at once ancient and yet utterly modern.

Wool Felt ‘Laufabrauð’ Scarf

Reykjavik designer Anna Guðmundsdóttir creates modern fashion based on 18th century Icelandic tradition. Hand-cut pure wool felt is fashioned after decorative Laufabrauð- paper-thin bread cut into in patterns unique to Iceland.

Pure wool felt. Four inches wide and 36 inches long. Available in Red, Charcoal and Black as pictured.