A journey through Iceland reveals natural, primordial materials: hand-spun wool, horsehair, horn, reindeer antler, lava stone and driftwood. Hand- crafted objects- each unique in the world- are made-to-order by Iceland's foremost artists and artisans. Starkness, restraint and strength of design reflect the stunning raw landscapes of the country- at once ancient and yet utterly modern.

Rare 'Forystufé' Ewe Horn

A single forystufé 'leader' sheep guides an entire flock. There are only 1400 on earth and their wool is prized for being remarkably soft and itch-free. Some horns are drilled to hold a bell which helps navigation in Iceland's foggy highlands. Other horns may be impressed with the farmer's mark, rather than the sheep's hides being branded.


Each ewe's horn comes with certificate of authenticity issued by preservationist Daníel’s Hansen's foundation, Fræðasetur um forystufé.